The creation of this web site is the result of a curiosity to learn about my family, so many of them were part of the China Spring community, some early pioneers. The more I learned, the more there was to know. As we learned how the families were entwined, the need to learn about all the families drove me. The result was an inventory of those who are buried in China Spring Cemetery. This web site is the inventory put on line and more and the result of countless hours of research. With that said, there will be mistakes and errors. If you find such, please contact us so that corrections can be made. Some maiden names are missing because we were unable to locate them. If you know them, please let us know. Some are without headstones. If you would like to honor someone by adding a headstone for them, please let us know.

As with all huge undertakings, this one could not have been completed without the help of many and we would like to acknowledge those people.

Judy Cannon spent endless hours on the computer helping to enter all the memorials into the website from the inventory and then the endless proofing–we would not be up yet without her help. The original inventory and much of the research was done by me, but proofing of the original inventory was a group effort. Many thanks to Dee Winter, Rita Hogan, Ruth Brown,  Mark Dutton and my husband for walking the streets of the cemetery making sure we had everyone. Obituaries were looked up by Judy Cannon and myself, and we are not done. Pictures were taken by many. Mark Dutton created the awesome map for us.

A great big thanks goes to my husband, John for his patience and help during this project.

So much of the information comes from old cemetery records and Dale and Joyce Sanders were so gracious to allow me access to those records. And thanks to the Board who saw the purpose and need for a web site.

A special thank you to Robert Brown of McKinley Brown who was so patient with me as we created the web site.

This website is dedicated to the families of China Spring and to family researchers who will visit this site.

As with all things in my life, Thank You LORD!!

Carla Jay Hines